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EMPR is an Authorised Lexmark Parts Distributor

EMPR’s partnership with Lexmark began in 2014, as their National Authorised Parts Distributor and has been proudly servicing Lexmark’s customers with genuine replacement parts and supplies ever since. Explore our Lexmark Authorisation Certificate for more details.

To uphold our commitment to excellence in supply and customer service across Australia, we stock an extensive inventory of Lexmark replacement parts and supplies in our local distribution centre. This inventory caters to both current and end-of-life Lexmark products. Additionally, all parts provided by EMPR are genuine and are backed by a 12-month replacement warranty.

EMPR, we take pride in our ability to offer outstanding customer service and expert advice on replacement parts. This extends across the entire spectrum of Lexmark Printers.

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Why Choose Genuine Lexmark Parts?

Genuine Lexmark Parts perform Best Together with Lexmark printers, giving you the advantage of consistent, reliable printing and professional quality results. Choose Genuine Lexmark Parts for Outstanding value, selection and environmental sustainability.

Sustainability that matters

Lexmark provides sustainable solutions throughout the entire product lifecycle — from sustainable design to efficient use to responsible recycling, and offers the highest number of printer models with significant PCR content in the industry — currently four times more than our nearest competitor. In the past 14 years, Lexmark has furthermore been able to incorporate more than 59 million pounds of recycled materials into the production of laser cartridges.

Your customers are sustainability conscious too and want to:

  • Reduce waste, recycle and increase efficiency
  • Minimise their impact on the environment
  • Work with environmentally focused partners
  • Communicate their sustainability focus to the marketplace
  • Authorised Lexmark Parts Distributor: EMPR has been an official Lexmark Parts Distributor since 2014, proudly holding the distinction of Australia’s only Authorised Parts Distributor.

  • Comprehensive Inventory: Explore our extensive range of Lexmark parts and supplies including; Maintenance Kits, Fusers, Rollers, Paper Trays and parts.

  • Warranty Confidence: Every part supplied by EMPR is backed by a 12-month replacement warranty, providing peace of mind for our customers.

  • Quality Certification: Verify our dedication to quality and service by reviewing Lexmark Authorisation Certificate .