January 2024

When it comes to maintaining your IT equipment, we realise that sometimes it can be hard to know if the part you are purchasing is the correct fit or fix. We help with your part selection by offering detailed information on our website but understand that you may need that additional piece of mind to help you feel more confident with your selection. To further assist with this, we are pleased to announce that we now offer, on select parts, a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee for the price of the qualifying part if you have a change of mind or the part isn’t a fit or fix for your issue.

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June 2023

To further assist our Customers to be able to purchase the parts they need to extend the lifespan and performance of their products, EMPR is pleased to now offer Customers the option to shop now and pay later with Afterpay and ZipPay.

AfterPay – Shop now, pay later with Afterpay. Split your purchase into four payments, interest-free. No hidden fees, just convenience and control. Enjoy the freedom to shop without immediate payment.

ZipPay – Shop now, pay later. Flexible payments, no fees. Convenience and control. Enjoy stress-free shopping.


April 2023

GenixitEMPR is thrilled to announce the addition of Cygnett, Australia's leading digital accessories brand, to our product line-up at EMPR. As a trusted Australian brand, Cygnett has become a household name, known for its exceptional quality and innovative designs. We have carefully selected a range of Cygnett laptop and mobile accessories that perfectly complement our existing offerings and cater to the needs of our valued customers, whether they are at home or in the workplace. Our range includes: Laptop Power Banks, Power Banks, Armoured USB-C to USB-C Cables, Armoured Lighting Cables & Gan Wall Chargers.

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February 2023

As part of EMPR’s continued focus on your Right to Repair and the Circular Economy, we are proud to launch the Genixit® DIY Professional Tool Set range. The Genixit® DIY professional tool sets are a game-changer as they allow our customers to easily replace parts and perform repairs, extending the lifespan and performance of their products. The Genixit® DIY professional tool sets are ideal for the DIYer, professional, repairer, and hobbyist for projects including repairing laptops, tablets, computers, smartphones, watches, gaming consoles, drones, toys, RC cars, drones and other electronic devices.

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September 2022

GenixitEMPR is excited to unveil the launch of Genixit®, EMPR's very own brand. Genixit® was born out of a strong desire to address a noticeable gap in the market and provide customers at all levels with superior quality compatible parts, at competitive prices. To ensure the highest standards of excellence, we have partnered with reputable global manufacturers who prioritise the use of quality components over seeking the lowest possible price. Our commitment to quality is unwavering, and we take pride in delivering products that exceed customer expectations.

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August 2022

Australian Repair NetworkEMPR is a proud sponsor of the 2nd Annual Repair Summit hosted by the Australian Repair Network at the National Library, Canberra Australia.

EMPR is a strong supporter of the Right to Repair movement and the Circular Economy to create a sustainable future for Australia. Not only supporting, but also attending this summit, allowed us to engage with Government, Policy Makers, and Industry Leaders to discuss the legislative and policy changes that are being developed to respond to the international Right to Repair movement.

EMPR is committed to continue to work with a wide range of stakeholders to ensure our customers have information and parts to be able to repair their products and devices.


April 2022

In a continuous effort to improve delivery times and service levels for both our partners and customers, EMPR has migrated it’s Brisbane Airport Warehouse operations into its Sydney Warehouse operations.


March 2022

EMPR has been working in the background with its IT team to be able to launch new, revamped websites for EMPR Australia and EMPR New Zealand. This includes a fresh new look and improved functionality for our customers, along with increased speed and performance.


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12th August 2021

EMPR wishes to advise effective immediately that Christopher Russell is no longer a shareholder nor a director of EMPR Group Holdings Pty Ltd and all related entities (EMPR). The remaining shareholders and Director’s together with the executive team will remain committed to EMPR continuing to support its key partners and customers alike.


We also advise that the EMPR has no association with Baxta Global Pty Ltd (Baxta Pets) nor Halo Global Australia Pty Limited (Halo Charity).

EMPR will continue to value the importance of Community in its own right, continuing to make contributions where possible.

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August 2020

During our recent FY20 business review, EMPR’s leadership team looked at where improvements could be made to improve delivery times for both our partners and customers. After careful consideration, EMPR has migrated its Port Melbourne Warehouse operations into its Sydney Warehouse operations.


March 2020

EMPR is dedicated to the safety and wellbeing of its staff, customers, and partners. Due to the emerging COVID-19 situation, EMPR has directed its office staff to work from home to ensure their safety and that EMPR is able to continue to meet our partner and customer needs during this time.