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EMPR is an Authorised HP Parts Reseller

EMPR’s partnership with HP began in 2003, as their first Authorised Parts Partner and has been proudly servicing HP’s customers with genuine replacement parts across the South Pacific region ever since.  Explore our HP Authorisation Certificate for more details.

To uphold our commitment to excellence in supply and customer service across the region, we stock an extensive inventory of HP replacement parts and upgrades in our local distribution centre. This inventory caters to both current and end-of-life HP products. Additionally, all parts provided by EMPR are genuine and are backed by a 12-month replacement warranty.

At EMPR, we take pride in our ability to offer outstanding customer service and expert advice on replacement parts and upgrades. This extends across the entire spectrum of HP products, including Laptops, Desktops, Workstations, Gaming Devices, Tablets, Printers, and Accessories.

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What are Certified HP Genuine Replacement Parts?

Certified HP Genuine Replacement Parts are components that have been tested by HP. HP applies rigorous compatibility testing, revision updates and quality management to every part that flows through our extensive Support Supply Chain.

This ensures protection of the HP Brand and means customers can be assured of part integrity and quality control from HP and our HP Authorised Parts Resellers.

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The importance of supplying Certified HP Genuine Replacement Parts

When you purchase Certified HP Genuine Replacement Parts, you are buying the quality and proven reliability that HP provides. Certified HP Genuine Replacement Parts offer outstanding value, proven reliability, exceptional quality and award-winning HP Support and Warranty.

Only Certified HP Genuine Replacement Parts offer consistently proven performance over the life of the part.

Certified vs. Non-Certified

  • Certified and Qualified

  • Parts tested and qualified by HP backed by one-year warranty
  • Certified HP Genuine Replacement Parts contain genuine OEM components
  • Most current revisions of firmware help maintain top performance and compatibility
  • Non-certified and non-qualified

  • Parts NOT tested or qualified by HP
  • Contain non-genuine components which often result in low quality and short life span
  • Unauthorized reproduction of HP packaging and HP’s intellectual capital
  • Differentiators

  • Tested for HP Quality and adhere to HP Revision Control polices
  • Lower percentage of First Time To Repair and higher levels of reliability
  • Increases customer and partner satisfaction
  • Sustains long term brand value
  • Products and parts comply with the Directive for RoHS which restricts the use of certain hazardous substances
  • HP is the recipient of IDC´s Green Recycling &Asset Disposal for Enterprise certification
  • Certified HP Genuine Replacement Parts are stored in proper packaging and temperature-controlled environments
Badge of HP Authorised Part Reseller
  • Certified HP Parts Partner: EMPR has been an official HP Parts Partner since 2003, proudly holding the distinction as the inaugural Authorised Parts Partner in the South Pacific region.

  • Comprehensive Inventory: Explore our extensive range of HP parts and upgrades, catering to the entire spectrum of HP products. We stock parts for both current and end-of-life products.

  • Warranty Confidence: Every part supplied by EMPR is backed by a 12-month replacement warranty, providing peace of mind for our customers.

  • Quality Certification:Verify our dedication to quality and service by reviewing our HP Authorisation Certificate .