Recycling & E-Waste

Millions of electronic devices like televisions, computers and mobile phones are discarded in Australia every year. In fact, e-waste is the fastest-growing component of the municipal solid waste stream. Electronic waste (e-waste) is growing three times faster than other types of waste with the average Australian generating 23kg of it each per year. If you are unable to repair, repurpose or reuse your products it is important you recycle it safely via an approved recycling program.

Why can't I throw e-waste in the bin?

Putting e-waste into your rubbish bin or any other receptacle destined for landfill is illegal in both Victoria and South Australia with other states working towards this ban too. Over 90% of e-waste can be recycled to reclaim precious metals including gold, silver, platinum, tin, copper, nickel, cobalt, zinc and aluminium. Once in landfill toxic chemicals, including lead, mercury, cadmium, barium & lithium, leak into our soil & waterways causing decades of damage.

Can I Donate My Old or Unwanted IT Equipment?

Yes, you can, and this is a great way to help those in need and to reduce landfill! EMPR is a proud supporter of The Reconnect Project. The Reconnect Project is a registered charity that takes donations of mobile phones, tablets and laptops. These devices are refurbished by neurodivergent young adults who are being trained in technical repair skills. Working technology is then distributed to people in need via women’s shelters, refugee support services, at-risk youth outreach programs and more. To find out how to donate to The Reconnect Project please click here.

How can I safely recycle my unwanted IT equipment and parts?

There are multiple recycling programs setup across Australia offering safe and easy ways to recycle your unwanted IT equipment, parts, and batteries. Below are the free recycling programs we recommend:


Officeworks offer a range of E-waste recycling services at their local stores for computers, accessories, cables, chargers, mobile phones and lithium Batteries. To find out more and to see if your local store who accepts the recycling of these items, please click here.

Envirostream (Drop-Off Locations at Bunnings And Officeworks)

Envirostream Australia has partnered with Bunnings and Officeworks all over Australia to enable everyone the access to be able to drop off their unwanted batteries, including Lithium Batteries for laptops which are not able to be recycled at most places where general batteries are accepted.

To find out more and to find your local drop-off point please click here. by Planet Ark

Planet Ark launched to help people understand more about everything you can recycle, what services are available and how to find your local recycling services near you. To find out more and to find your local drop-off point please click here.

Ecycle Solutions For Businesses

Ecycle Solutions leads the way in innovative recycling solutions for e-waste in Australia and are a Co-Regulator of the National TV & Computer Recycling Scheme (NTCRS). Ecycle Solutions offers a FREE service to small businesses for all brands and all models of products included in the NTCRS, including all IT equipment, computer peripherals, photocopiers, printers, TVs and monitors – even mainframes. To find out more please click here.