DELL Genuine 45G4G, Original DELL 180W AC Adapter, Charger, DLTA, 7.4mm, L6, V2, E4 (Includes 0.5m Power Cord) [045G4G]

DELL Part 45G4G Original DELL 180W AC Adapter, Charger, DLTA, 7.4mm, L6, V2, E4 (Includes 0.5m Power Cord) [045G4G]
Certified Genuine part 45G4G
Genuine part 45G4G
Dell Authorised Partner – Quality assured

Original DELL 180W AC Adapter, Charger, DLTA, 7.4mm, L6, V2, E4 (Includes 0.5m Power Cord) [045G4G]

Part Number: 45G4G

This part is replaced by 47RW6
Original DELL 180W AC Adapter, Charger, DLTA, 7.4mm, L6, V2, E4 (Includes 0.5m Power Cord) [045G4G]


Laptop Charger, ADAPTER
12 month replacement

Not sure if the charger 45G4G is the right one for your laptop?
please refer to the guide "Laptop Charger or Adapter: Finding the Right One for Your Laptop".

Alternative Part (1) What is an Alternative Part?

Original DELL 180W AC Adapter, Charger, 7.4mm, PWA INTEGRATED, E4 [047RW6] (Includes 0.5m Power Cord)

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Warranty: 12 months

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Maximize Your DELL Laptop's Potential with the Unstoppable 180W AC Adapter: Dell Genuine Charger 45G4G [045G4G]

Unleash the full potential of your DELL laptop with the unbeatable 180W AC Adapter 045G4G. This high-performance charger features a sleek 7.4mm connector for effortless connectivity and comes equipped with a PowerCord for immediate use. The DLTA design guarantees that you'll receive reliable and consistent charging, wherever you go.

Built for Endurance

The DELL 180W AC Adapter is designed for longevity, featuring only top-quality materials and advanced technology to ensure that your device remains protected from power surges, short-circuits, and overcharging. This adapter is built for maximum durability, ensuring long-lasting charging solutions for your DELL laptop.

Stay Ahead of the Game

Say goodbye to productivity roadblocks caused by low battery life. With the DELL 180W AC Adapter, your laptop will always be fully charged and ready for action, whether you're working from home, in the office, or on the go. Experience peace of mind knowing your device will never run out of power.

Power Up with Confidence

Upgrade your charging game with the DELL 180W AC Adapter. Stay connected with reliable charging solutions, built for durability and performance. Keep your laptop fully charged and never let a low battery stop you from achieving your goals. Get your hands on the DELL 180W AC Adapter today!

Some of the key features of the Dell 045G4G 180W AC Adapter include:

- 180W 7.4mm Charger for All 7.4mm charging connector Devices
- Fast Charging for Increased Productivity
- Trusted Quality from Dell
- Seamless Power for Your Devices

Take control of your laptop's battery life with the DELL 180W AC Adapter. Designed for reliability, performance, and durability, this adapter is the perfect choice for users who want to stay productive on-the-go. Get yours today!

Buy 45G4G (ADAPTER) with confidence knowing that you have a 12-month warranty on all genuine computer parts.

How much is the delivery fee for 45G4G?

-Our delivery fee for 45G4G is $9.90 Incl. GST for all orders.

How I return 45G4G?

-If your purchase date is within the 12-month warranty period, please complete the Return Request form and our team will review your request. The form will give you the option to select your resolution for replacement or credit.

How I pay for 45G4G?

- We offer the following payment options: Credit Card (Visa, MasterCard and American Express), Bank Transfer, BPay, PayPal and Pay In 4, Credit Account